Lite n’ Easy Diet Plan; An Effective Way To Lose Weight?

Lite n’ Easy Diet Review

Lite n’ Easy is an Australian based company that offers diet food delivery. They deliver low-calorie premade meals that promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Their service is perfect for people who are busy or don’t want to go through the hassle of planning and cooking a full week of meals.

Lite n Easy Diet; How To Lose Weight

The Lite n’ Easy diet program has been around since 1986, but people paying more and more attention to their overall health in recent years has contributed to its popularity. Coupled with the fact that most people are living such a busy life nowadays, it’s no wonder that thousands of Australians have decided on trying this program.

What makes Lite n’ Easy different from other diet programs is the delivery of a week’s worth of meals. This means that you won’t have to allow more than an hour in the week for preparing meals. Additionally, there are more than 100 meals you can choose from, all of which are prepared by professional chefs using fresh and nutritious ingredients.

How Does Lite n’ Easy Work?

Signing up for the Lite n’ Easy diet program is quite simple. You create an account on their website, enter details such as age, weight, and gender, choose a meal plan based on calorie count and you’re all set.

The Lite n’ Easy Menu

You can choose from three different calorie menus: 1200, 1500, or 1800 calories per day. After you choose a calorie menu, you need to select either a 7-day plan or a 5-day meal plan. Both of these plans can be then split into full meal plans, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or any combination of the three.

Their meals are a mix of fresh and frozen food. Most of the breakfasts and lunches are fresh, while all the dinners are frozen. Even though the frozen meals can’t replace a freshly cooked meal, they are much better than regular store-bought frozen meals.

The good thing about breakfasts is that they are full of nutrients that will keep you satiated until lunch. They mostly consist of fruit, cereal, whole-grain toast, yogurt, and an occasional egg muffin.

For lunch, they also offer fully balanced meals that will boost your energy and keep you going for the day. The meals include a fresh salad or fruit, sandwiches, soups and bowls of pasta.

As for the dinners, there are over 45 options to choose from, including world classics such as honey soy chicken, Thai chicken curry, rice, and pasta. These meals are specially made to prevent deprivation of delicious food. They are just healthier versions of your favorite meal, in a slightly smaller portion.

Lite n Easy weight loss program

Customer favorites from the Lite n’ Easy menu include spaghetti marinara, chicken enchiladas, honey soy chicken and chicken parmigiana.

The Lite n’ Easy menu is nutritionally balanced and doesn’t require any extras besides milk. A cup of skim milk each day is necessary for the meal plans to assist you in your weight loss and provide you with the daily amounts of calcium.

Note that the menu changes with the season, so there will be new ingredients throughout the year.

Lite n’ Easy Delivery

And now, for the best part of this program, the convenience – premade weight loss meals delivered to your door.

You can choose a different menu with each order, or you can choose a repeating order and have it delivered to you every week. The order is delivered in a sealed Styrofoam box with dry ice, ensuring that your meals will remain fresh even if you don’t pick up the delivery right away – a very convenient feature if you start work early.

All of the meals are packaged in recyclable containers and trays, and you can have the driver pick up them up along with the Styrofoam box when you receive the next order.

The Pros and Cons of the Lite n’ Easy Diet Program


  • Convenience – all of the meals are prepared, the calories counted, and there’s no need for any grocery shopping.
  • Nutritional and delicious meals – all of the meals are carefully prepared by chefs and dietitians, ensuring you can achieve optimal weight loss while still enjoying tasty meals.
  • Portion control – by regularly eating controlled portions, it will be easier for you to adjust to having smaller meals and avoid getting back all the weight you lost while on this program.


  • Special dietary requirements – Lite n’ Easy doesn’t cater for special dietary requirements or food allergies. Still, all the meals have an ingredient and allergen list on the website, so you can easily choose meals that suit your needs.
  • Cost – a survey conducted by Choice found out that the high cost was the second most common reason for quitting this program.

Lite n’ Easy Cost

The prices of the meal plans vary depending on how many meals you choose and what calorie plan they fit into.

A full 7-day plan with 1200 calories will cost you $150, while the 1500 and the 1800 calorie plans cost $164 and $187 respectively.

A 5-day plan, on the other hand, costs $117 for 1200 calories per day, $127 for 1500 calories, and $144 for 1800 calories.

You can also choose between a combination of meals. For example, if you choose breakfast and lunch, it will cost between $91 and $123 for the 7 day plan, or if you prefer fasting of having just a piece of fruit for breakfast, the lunch and dinner will set you back between $129 and $159 for the 7 day plan.

You can check the price of other combinations on their website.

Does Lite n’ Easy Help You Lose Weight?

Even though the Lite n’ Easy diet program is no magic pill, it still helps you lose weight by following the two basic principles of weight loss – portion control and burning more calories than you consume.

Most of the people who tried the program have managed to lose around 3kg on average per month and then maintain their weight by following the same portion control from the Lite n’ Easy program.

Besides helping you lose weight and teaching you portion control, Lite n’ Easy also helps you live a healthier life and get all the nutrients needed for a long and happy life.


Overall, the Lite n’ Easy program is a good choice if you’re looking to avoid planning and counting all the calories while still maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet with delicious meals. Still, this program does not offer any other health education and support.

We rate this diet a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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